Thursday, February 14, 2013

“But what about you?” Jesus asked, “Who do you say I am?” Mat 16:15

What I’ve written between the parentheses ( ) are my thoughts on the statements I make in reference to the scripture(s) I reference. 

Jesus first asked his disciples - “Who do people say I am?” Then he asked Peter, “But what about you, who do you say I am?”  Now let me ask a question: Which of the two questions do you think is the more important? 

(This is not a trick question; everything that Jesus said is important. Stated more accurately, which of the two questions, would you think, is more important to you? Which of the two questions carries more weight regarding the final outcome - the determination of your eternal destination?)

Most people like to keep Jesus at a distance and don’t want to deal with who he claimed to be. Truth is, it doesn’t matter what others say about who Jesus is. “Some say he is Elijah, John the Baptist, or Jeremiah, and others say he is prophet...”  Today, some will say, Jesus was a good man, a prophet, a guru, etc., but what do you say when he asks you...  “But what about you?   Who do you say I am?”   The question is unveiled, simple, and direct. The right answer - “You are the Christ. The Son of the living God.” If you have not already, decided for yourself, you are faced with having to make a decision on who you say Jesus is. What others say, or believe about Jesus, will not save or condemn you.

if you will (not can) accept Jesus as the Savior, the Son of the living God, you are blessed, because only the Father can make that known to you. Jesus said, “.... for this is not revealed to you by men, but by my Father in heaven.”    “But what about you?”

(If you feel left out, that wasn’t the intention of the message. This is not a sales gimmick called, “the take-away.” That is geared to get you to make a “buying” decision based on your fear of loss of opportunity. Jesus doesn’t have to trick you into accepting who he is.     Contrary to this, he would have you give due consideration to your personal commitment. Please don’t say, “.... well I guess God just hasn’t reveal his Son to me.” You may be right... this message is for the folks God is calling.)  “But what about you?”

All scripture is from the NIV

Monday, January 7, 2013

Tower of Technology

Gen 11:5, 6 NIV "But the LORD came down to see the city and the tower that the men were building. The LORD said, "If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them."

I read the article below this evening and it is impressive. I know it can't compare to God's creation... but from out of man's mind... WOW! We are all speaking the same language again, except it is #1's & #0's.. is 0 a number? The LORD is looking down again, and must be thinking... it's time for more intervention!

Copy & Paste Below:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking for the Truth? Why not Jesus?

I have a challenge for those who are seeking the truth.... why not Jesus? 

From time to time, I talk with folks who had grown up in the church, attended Christian school, were raised in a Christian home, that for whatever reason, discard much, if not all, of what they have been taught about Jesus Christ. They set out on a new path for their life.

Sometimes, people get confused by the hypocrisy they see in others with having faith in Jesus Christ, Just because others have let you down, treated you unfairly, or not measured up to your expectations, doesn’t make God less than what he claimed to be. He will not lower His expectations for your life or your personal commitment of your life to His plans and purpose.

There is no excuse for those that have abandoning Jesus Christ or for mixing other gospels with Jesus to suit their own imaginations. Imaginations are - powerful. Vanity of the mind... dangerous. Those who had been drawn to the Jesus Christ by His Father, believed in Jesus Christ and were born again of the Spirit of God, saved by his unmerited favor. Then again, you cannot abandon someone you have never known. On the other hand, you will give account for all that you do and have learned about Him. 

It is hard for me to understand why someone who is looking for the truth, would abandon all they know to look somewhere else without first determining why Jesus Christ is not the truth? To say your looking for the truth without doing due diligence to what Jesus claimed to be, smacks of hubris, insincerity and being disingenuous.. So... why not Jesus? Could it be a matter of accountability and finality when it comes to following (committing to) Jesus Christ? Does the straightness of the gate, and narrowness of the way, that leads to eternal life and very few are they that find it - to defining for our liberal agenda’s? Doesn’t “seeking the truth” without first determining the claims of Jesus Christ break down to the least common denominator - “I will find my own way.” (?) “There is a path that seems right to take, but it leads you to destruction.”

Two questions: By what authority do you believe what you believe? Jesus said you can’t be your own authority. You can’t testify on your own behalf - even the world will tell you “only a fool would represent himself in court.”  2- If it is an outside source, how has it be validated? Proven authentic... genuine? Jesus Christ has been given ultimate authority, by his Father in Heaven, to judge the living and the dead - and has been validated by being raised from the dead. “The Rock on which we stand.” 

Jesus promise, “.... you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free...”

In the Old Testament (OT), God states, “.... when you seek we with a whole heart, you will find me...”

Start by humbling yourself; with all sincerity, get on your knees and recognize God that sent his only Son, Jesus Christ to die for your sins and the sins of the world. Ask him to reveal Himself to you. He will not testify to any other than Jesus Christ. Then, repent, turn from the way you are going and walk in the direction and do the things the LORD is asking, by His grace, you to do, through reading His Book and your conscience as you walk in this life. As you repent, He will ask you to do things within your ability to do. As an example, he ask one man who had to coats to share one. To another, he ask him to be satisfied with his wages, and not extort, my means of their position, to take advantage of anyone. To the tax collectors, to take only what they were authorized to collect. Oh, how I wish Jesus could address the US Congress today! Amen.

Scripture references provided upon email request: